Fynn-Luca Welp

aka Diahog


Hey there,

I'm a passionate (and still learning) Designer. Currently studying CMGT at Saxion University of applied Sciences, after having traveled and occasionally worked around the world. I both strive and love to create new things, be it stories, worlds, characters or whatever!


Aside from Video Games (or other games) and Media Culture, I like nature and generally seeing and experiencing new things .

This site (wip) should tell you what you want to know about me and my work

As you can probably tell from whats above, games are a big part of my passions, interests and work.

From early on in my childhood they have not only entertained, inspired and taught me, but also let me make new friends. All of this and more I think I can - and want to - give back to the gaming industry and other people like me.

That is why I want to design, write and create, using what I have accumulated... and am still accumulating as of now.

My Strengths and Interests include, but are not limited to:

Communication; Teamwork; Storytelling; Mechanics / Gameplay design; Sound design to a lesser degree;

The english language; Animals and nature in general (with exceptions).


My weaknesses and Dislikes include, but are also not limited to:

Having to sneeze from sunlight; Pineapple on pizza; Pineapple in general; Spiders.


If you have any more inquiries about anything related to me feel free to contact me

with the form at the bottom of the screen or through the linked social media.

My Logo (Wotan's knot variation)

Arcade Game Group Project

Unity Engine

Scripting focused assignment


Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Maya
Substance Designer

Campaign focused Group Project

Designer, Maya and Painter

Interactive Story

Writing a story in Twine

My participation in the Jam

Adobe Illustrator

Locations and Characters

dynamic coop prototype

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